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About Us

MS Group Textiles has nearly 35 years of experience in sorting and revaluing used textiles within multiple locations.


Professional recycling of used textiles

MS Group Textiles is your reliable partner in the purchase and sale of high quality used/secondhand textiles. Thanks to our immense experience & knowledge of more than 35 years in sorting used textiles, we are the professional recyclers with delivering the best high quality used textiles to our customers.

35+ Years experience

45 containers per month

100% Satisfied customers

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Textile recycler and exporter

We source only from best European original textiles. Choosing MS Group Textiles as your partner is like choosing the most excellent quality & qualified professionals for your textiles.

Step 1


The process starts with unloading the raw material sourced by our renowned suppliers (only the best European originals). The unloading can be performed manually or with automated systems. Hereafter, unsorted textiles are either stocked or enter the sorting process immediately.

step 2


The second step in the process is pre-sorting. During this step, non-textiles are removed, and the textiles are sorted based on their type. For Ex: Jackets, Sweaters, T-shirts, Pants and so on. In this step 50 different types of products are produced.

Step 3

Fine Sorting

Following to Pre-Sorting step, the material is shifted to several Fine Sorting stations, where it is carefully sorted according to the quality by our well qualified sorters. Many years of training, expertise, and experience in the field plays an important role here. The frequently changing demand of the secondhand textiles market can be taken care in this step of quality sorting.

step 4


After the materials are finely sorted, here comes the final procedure of packing the finished products, to deliver it to our customers in an optimized way. Various packaging methods are used, based on the quality of the goods and customer’s demand. Our specialized pressing machines make our task easier and quicker. The bales weight/kgs, can be customized according to the demand Ex: 40 kgs, 45 kgs, 50 kgs, 80 kgs. All bags and bales are labelled with the help of our customized EPS software system.

Step 5


Loading is considered as crucial part. The labelled bags and bales are stocked in the warehouse, until further confirmation from customer. MS Group Textiles manages to load full truck, 20 ft and 40 HC containers as per customer need. Our customized EPS system takes care of maintaining stock records, following orders, and thus providing transparency for all our stakeholders.

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