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We offer high-quality We offer high-quality second hand clothing at fair prices. at fair prices.

Why MS Group textiles

At MS Group Textiles, we are committed to export the finest quality wholesale used clothes to the African market. In all these years, we have had the experience of exporting high-quality second hand wholesale clothing to many African countries, like; Nigeria, Ethiopia, Togo, Ghana, Senegal, and Benin.

What Do We Export?

Our wholesale used clothes include a wide range of options, including; shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, coats as well as sweatshirts.  What makes our wholesale used clothes stand apart from others in the used clothes wholesale industry is the fact that despite being second hand, our clothes do not contain any holes or prominent defects in them.

Our Vision

By exporting fine quality second hand wholesale clothes to African countries, our ultimate aim is to help third world nations like them to meet their scarce clothing needs. Third world countries like Africa do not yet have a fully-grown clothing industry that can offer high quality and affordable clothes to their citizens. Hence, we choose the best and most suitable wholesale used clothes to export to such markets, so as to help their citizens get access to fine-quality branded clothing at affordable prices.


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Our partner in Belgium : Nouratex.

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