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MS Group Textiles Wholesale used clothes for export
MS Group Textiles is a leading name, exporting wholesale used clothes for the African market. From second hand shirts, sweatshirts, coats, pants, dresses to skirts; MS Group Textiles offers everything you need from the best of brands.

Our product

Sending clothes to third world countries is one of our main goals. We developed an advanced system to deliver high-quality clothes, suited for African countries and their hot tropical climate. We sort all clothes and carefully examine them. They are slightly used, without any holes or faults.

Why buy wholesale used clothes?

Some African countries have a weak economy and undeveloped clothing industries. They simply cannot meet the demand of providing fairly good and cheap clothes to their citizens. Used clothing market gives them the opportunity to wear quality and durable clothes.

MS Group Textiles for over 20 years has been exporting wholesale used clothes to most African countries including Togo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Benin, Senegal and many more. We have big experience in the second hand clothing industry and exporting to Africa.

Our customers are our partners

MS Group customers are treated like partners. We strongly believe that a satisfied customer is an asset to the company. Our principle is to build a long-lasting relation with our customers.  

MS Group provides its customers only with good quality textiles at competitive prices. We have built our goodwill by creating trust with our clients by providing good quality textiles at a very competitive price. Our reputation in the widespread textile market is the warranty of your purchases with MS Group. 

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Our partner in Belgium : Nouratex.

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